Kimberly Dorsett portraitKimberly A. Dorsett successfully defended an appeal to the South Dakota Supreme Court on behalf of the Elders, Directors, and Officers of Dove Christian Center, Inc, et al. In the case of Tim Knudtson v. Elders, Directors, and Officers of Dove Christian Enter, and Timothy Stuen Ministries, Inc., and Bible Living Ministries, Inc., and Christian Alliance Ministries, Inc., and Rushmore Fire Protection, Inc. and Cherished Chocolate Foundations, the plaintiff asserted various claims relating to defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conversion. Pursuant to a Motion to Dismiss and a subsequent Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the defendants, the trial court rejected all of the plaintiff’s claims and dismissed the lawsuit. The trial court’s rulings upon the motions were recently affirmed by the South Dakota Supreme Court.