Stacy M. Johnson has expanded her practice and now offers mediation services in the area of family law.

Ms. Johnson completed 40 hours of mediation training in July 2016.   This training, combined with her participation in many successful mediations on behalf of her clients, her experience as a family law attorney, and everyday experience as a both a spouse and a parent, give her the skills to effectively mediate your client’s disputes.

There are several mediation techniques; however, Ms. Johnson recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all method.  In her experience, she has found that a combination of facilitative and evaluative techniques works best for family matters.  Ms. Johnson believes her duty as mediator is not to tell the parties what to do, or to recommend any particular outcome; she facilitates negotiations between the parties, and, using a more evaluative approach, point out the strengths and weakness of party’s case, as well as an analysis of the costs versus the benefits of proceeding to court.  Ms. Johnson’s primary goal is to assist the parties in reaching an agreement to their mutual satisfaction.

Ms. Johnson hopes for your consideration and the opportunity to assist you and your clients.