jessi Stucke portraitCongratulations to Jessi Stucke, ACP, eDEx, who is now a two-time recipient of the South Dakota Paralegal Association’s Member of the Year Award. She works primarily with Jack H. Hieb. After joining Richardson Law Firm in 2014, she became a member of SDPA in 2016, and has volunteered extensively for the organization since 2017. She was originally named Member of the Year for 2017-2018, later served as President for 2021-2022, and has continued to serve as chair, co-chair, and as a general member on multiple committees.  Jessi received the award at the end of this year’s state bar convention, with the following message from SDPA’s 2022-2023 President:

I have worked with Jessi serving in many different capacities in our years with the SDPA. It seems that any role Jessi takes on, whether it be as just a committee member, committee chair, and during her term as President, she executes her duties flawlessly and strives to keep members engaged and SDPA moving forward as a whole. Jessi can always be counted on to have great insight into any topic that pops up and is always willing to go the extra mile! Jessi embodies the core goals of SDPA and deserves the Member of the Year award for her efforts and dedication.

The South Dakota Paralegal Association is a valuable educational and networking community for legal assistants and paralegals who perform services for the citizens of South Dakota. SDPA is affiliated with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). Click here for more information.