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Your job is important to you. It allows you to pay your bills, live in a safe home and provide necessities for your family. It can be a source of pride, and may reflect years of dedication. It may even be the culmination of your biggest dreams. You take your job seriously, and when you have a problem at work, you need an employment law attorney who will do the same.

Employers and employees each have rights and obligations, but there are always gray areas. Kimberly A. Dorsett has the knowledge to navigate the law, prevent conflicts and protect her clients’ interests when disputes arise.

Kimberly A. Dorsett counsels employers or employees in all facets of the employer-employee relationship, under South Dakota employment law and corresponding federal legislation. She serves businesses and individual workers in South Dakota. Arrange a free consultation with her today to discuss your legal issue.

Kimberly A. Dorsett’s law practice covers every aspect, from new hires and compensation to workplace treatment and separation. She is also well versed in business law. She understands that litigation can adversely affect a company’s bottom line and goodwill in the community as well as the reputation or career of owners, executives and employees. Her aim is to resolve conflicts as efficiently and discreetly as possible and to help clients make changes to prevent future problems.

Kimberly A. Dorsett handles a broad range of employment law issues for executive, professional, contract and at-will employees, as well as federal, state, county and municipal employees, including:

  • Employment contract issues
  • Wrongful termination
  • Discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment
  • Disability issues
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • EEOC mediations

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